29 August 2016 to 2 September 2016
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Application development with relational and non-relational databases

1 Sep 2016, 13:00
Room 163 (FTU)

Room 163



Dr. Mario Lassnig (CERN)


In this workshop, the students will learn how to use relational and non-relational databases to build multi-threaded applications. The focus of the workshop is to teach efficient, safe, and fault-tolerant principles when dealing with high-volume and high-throughput database scenarios. This includes, but is not limited to, systems such as PostgreSQL, Redis or Elasticsearch. A basic understanding of the following things is required: - A programming language (preferably Python or any C-like) - Basic SQL (CREATE, DROP, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE) - Linux shell scripting (bash or zsh) The course will cover the following three topics: - When to use relational databases, and when not * Relational primer * Non-relational primer * How to design the data model - Using SQL for fun and profit * Query plans and performance analysis * Transactional safety in multi-threaded environments * How to deal with large amounts of sparse metadata * Competetive locking and selection strategies - Building a fault-tolerant database application * Distributed transactions across relational and non-relational databases * SQL injection and forceful breakage * Application-level mitigation for unexpected database issues

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