29 August 2016 to 2 September 2016
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Using R to improve data analyses Python workflows

30 Aug 2016, 13:00
Aula (FTU)




Eileen Kühn (KIT)


The choice between R and Python is often considered when selecting the best tool to use for data science workflows. Many people often prefer Python over R, since it offers a lot of flexibility and is commonly used in every-day programming. In contrast, R has a steep learning curve. However it offers a huge amount of specialised statistics libraries that are not available in Python so far. Furthermore it offers leading-edge features for visualisation. Combining R and Python in your workflows allows you to benefit from both. Throughout the tutorial, you will learn how to benefit from both tools. To get you running, we introduce several possibilities how to utilise R from Python. The tutorial itself is hands-on, applying concepts from every-day workflows. The tutorial targets participants who are familiar with using Python for their workflows. Experience with R is not required, though helpful.

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