7-10 June 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

The conference will highlight recent advances in differential geometry and geometric analysis, aiming to foster communication between experts and young researchers as well as identifying potential new directions of further research in these fields.

Confirmed Speakers include so far:

    Christian Bär (Potsdam)
    Christoph Böhm (Münster)
    Nicola Cavallucci (Karlsruhe)
    Anand Dessai (Fribourg)
    Bernhard Hanke (Augsburg)
    Lynn Heller (Hannover)
    Tobias Lamm (Karlsruhe)
    Christian Lange (Munich)
    Thomas Richard (Paris)
    Stephan Stadler (MPI Bonn)
    Burkhard Wilking (Münster)
    Rudolf Zeidler (Münster)


The talks are supposed to take place between the morning of June 7 and early afternoon of June 10. The timetable can be found here.


Scientific Committee

    Gérard Besson
    Alexander Lytchak
    Wilderich Tuschmann

Local Organisers

    Rafael Dahmen
    Philippe Kupper
    Alexander Lytchak
    Wilderich Tuschmann

The conference poster can be found here.



       Funded by DFG          

SR 1.067 (Mathematikgebäude)
Karlsruhe, Germany
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