[SORSE] Web apps with the power of Python

Virtual (Zoom)

Virtual (Zoom)

Teri Forey


Learn how to speak Python for the web!

In this Software Demonstration Meredydd Luff will demonstrate some uses of the free web development platform Anvil for RSE work. This platform allows you to create web applications using only Python, so it's perfect for people with some data science or machine learning background but without web development experience.

Easily create dashboards to share information – from presenting early data on the effectiveness of mask-wearing in a German city, to a UN Development Programme app for tracking air pollution in Mongolia. Present data or machine learning models from a Jupyter notebook on your laptop and share your results on a public webpage.

Remote control equipment and monitor processes via the Uplink tool. You don't need to stay in the lab all night or rely on 'that one laptop' to work the test rig. Instead, access the interface from your phone. Automate remote data gathering such as from citizen science projects and Raspberry Pi kits.

Anvil's app server is open source and you can export your code locally, so you have the confidence your projects will always be maintainable and reproducible. Come and learn how getting started with web development could be easier than you think!

Language: English

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      Software Demonstration
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        Web apps with the power of Python 1h
        Speaker: Meredydd Luff
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