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20 January 2021
Virtual (Zoom)
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Code Review Community

20 Jan 2021, 15:10
Virtual (Zoom)

Virtual (Zoom)


Holly murray


Code review for research software is the process by which peers evaluate each other's source code. This involves checking that the code does what it claims and is written in a way that can easily be read, maintained, and built upon. Code review is an important tool for ensuring that software is high-quality and reusable, and should be a widely-adopted "best practice".

The Code Review Community Working Group (CRC) aims to build consensus and awareness around good practice in code review. The CRC is a collaboration between research software engineers, funders, society representatives, academic publishers, and researchers.

The CRC consists of 5 task forces that will begin work in 2021:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Code review during development
  • Code review at the time of publication
  • Recommendations for stakeholders
  • Training and education

Have we piqued your interest? The CRC is keen to have you on-board; you're encouraged to participate in any of the task forces. Join us via email ( Equally, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea for collaboration.

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