[SORSE] Research On The Go

Virtual (Zoom)

Virtual (Zoom)



Software for research comes in many different forms and technologies. This includes software that runs on mobile devices. The demand for this is growing, whether it is for "citizen-science" projects or in clinical and educational research. In this SORSE (online) roundtable event, we discuss

  • examples of mobile apps for research
  • what are the challenges for mobile apps in and for research. In particular:
    • logistic of deploying and delivering mobile apps
    • maintenance costs
    • distribution of apps - what are the options
    • how to build the right team for mobile apps development
  • what technology stacks are used in mobile app development. And what determines the choice?

Note: this event will be recorded for a podcast.

Language: English

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        Research On The Go 1h


        • Adrian Harwood, University of Manchester, leads mobile development efforts in his RSE group.
        • Peter Schmidt, University College London, has been an app developer in the private sector and now at UCL.
        • Mark Turner, University of Newcastle, leads mobile development efforts in his RSE group.
        Speakers: Adrian Harwood (University of Manchester), Mark Turner (University of Newcastle), Peter Schmidt (University College London)
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