CORSIKA 8 - GAN Meeting

Antonio Augusto Alves Junior (KIT), Ralf Ulrich (KIT)

Meeting dedicated to discussions about deployment of GANs and other ML based techniques on CORSIKA 8 and shower simulation.

    • 16:00 16:10
      Welcome and Status 10m
      Speakers: Dr. Antonio Augusto Alves Junior (KIT), Ralf Ulrich (KIT)
    • 16:10 16:30
      PID-GAN overview 20m
      Speakers: Pranav Sampathkumar (KIT), Pranav Sampathkumar

      Discussed next immediate plans
      - Paras suggested freezing hyper parameters and optimizing a few to get a better handle on the important hyperparameters

      - Figure out a way to merge databases to facilitate this.

      - Finetune pruning strategies and make them less aggressive


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