7-9 December 2016
Cochem (Mosel), Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Gamma-ray Emission From Non-Blazar AGNs

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Cochem (Mosel), Germany

Cochem (Mosel), Germany

Kapuzinerkloster, Klosterberg 5, 56812 Cochem
Oral HAP Workshop


Dr. Narek Sahakyan (ICRANet-Armenia)


Detection of high energy gamma-ray emissions from non-blazar active galactic nuclei (AGN) with Fermi LAT shows, that these are different and potentially very interesting classes of gamma-ray emitters. This provides an alternative approach for studying the high energy emission processes compared to blazars where the emission is strongly Doppler boosted. Up to now there are 27 non-blazar AGNs detected in the gamma-ray band which are included in the third catalog of AGNs detected by Fermi LAT. I will present detailed investigation of the gamma-ray emission from non-blazar AGNs (FRI, FRII and NLSy1) based on seven years of Fermi LAT data.The accumulation of a larger data set allows studying the spectrum with better statistics at energies above several GeV. The results from temporal analysis using light curves with time bins of fixed widths and with an adaptive binning method will be presented. Also, the origin of the observed gamma-rays will be discussed considering both compact and extended regions.

Primary author

Dr. Narek Sahakyan (ICRANet-Armenia)

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