7-9 December 2016
Cochem (Mosel), Germany
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Counterpart candidates to unassociated gamma-ray sources: the case of 3FGL J0133.3+5930

8 Dec 2016, 17:30
Pater Martin Hall (Kapuzinerkloster)

Pater Martin Hall


Oral HAP Workshop Optical Astronomy


Prof. Josep Martí (University of Jaén)


The identification of high energy sources in the Galactic Plane is often a difficult but rewarding task as it can lead to the discovery of exotic stellar accelerators, such as gamma-ray binaries and microquasars. Here, we report a multi-wavelength analysis of the unassociated Fermi source 3FGL J0133.3+5930 at low galactic latitude. Two candidate counterparts have been identified inside its 95% confidence ellipse. One of them is the AGN source 2MASS 01325529+5932158 at a redshift $z=0.1143$. This object could be a low-luminosity blazar although this point remains to be confirmed. The other one is the bright Be star LS I+59 79 ($V=$10.7), also known as TYC 3683-985-1, whose eclipsing binary nature is reported in this work. With a photometric period of 1.94 d, its multi-colour light curves are apparently consistent with a semi-detached binary system with two early-type components. Possible gamma-ray emission mechanisms are tentatively proposed in a stellar context that, at present, does not fully match a typical gamma-ray binary scenario. However, this situation could change when further spectroscopic data are available that better constrain the nature of the system components.

Primary author

Prof. Josep Martí (University of Jaén)


Mr. Daniel Galindo (University of Barcelona) Prof. Josep M. Paredes (University of Barcelona) Prof. Kazushi Iwasawa (ICREA-ICCUB) Dr. Marc Ribó (University of Barcelona) Prof. Pedro Luis Luque-Escamilla (University of Jaén)

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