24-27 November 2022
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Europe/Berlin timezone

Multiboson measurements at CMS

26 Nov 2022, 11:30
Gaede-Hörsaal (KIT Campus South)


KIT Campus South

KIT Campus map: https://www.kit.edu/campusplan/ Building: 30.22 Room: 130.1 Address: Campus South, Gaede Hörsaal Coordinates: 49.01265, 8.41044


Ankita Mehta (University of Hamburg)


Measurements of the multiboson production cross sections at the LHC constitute stringent tests of the electroweak sector of the standard model and provide a model-independent means to search for new physics at the TeV scale. These measurements reached a high level of precision with LHC run 1 and run 2 data taking periods. In this presentation, the latest results of diboson (WW, WZ, ZZ, W/Zγ), triboson (WWW, WWZ, WZZ, ZZZ), and rare production mechanisms (electroweak and photon-induced) from the CMS experiment will be shown. Results include total and fiducial cross sections, as well as normalized differential cross sections in the fiducial region. These are compared to the most accurate theoretical predictions to the date.

Category Particle / Astroparticle / Cosmology (Experiment)

Primary author

Ankita Mehta (University of Hamburg)


Dr. Andreas Hinzmann (University of Hamburg) Mr. Steffen Albrecht (University of Hamburg) Ms. Anna Albrecht (University of Hamburg)

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