24-27 November 2022
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Europe/Berlin timezone

Timing for pileup mitigation at the CMS detector at HL-LHC

27 Nov 2022, 09:15
Gaede-Hörsaal (KIT Campus South)


KIT Campus South

KIT Campus map: https://www.kit.edu/campusplan/ Building: 30.22 Room: 130.1 Address: Campus South, Gaede Hörsaal Coordinates: 49.01265, 8.41044


Anna Albrecht (Universität Hamburg)


The LHC will be upgraded to a collider with 10 times higher luminosity, the high luminosity (HL)-LHC. One main challenge arising from the upcoming high luminosity, is the large amount of interactions that occur in one proton-proton bunch crossing, and therefore the separation of the interaction of interest from the additional ones (pileup). The insertion of a new timing layer in the upgraded CMS experiment is planned, to use timing as an additional discrimination variable between signal and pileup.
One interesting channel to probe at the HL-LHC is vector boson fusion (VBF) Higgs pair production that has two characteristic jets in the forward region of the detector. The separation of this signal from pileup is extremely challenging. In this study, we present the performance of using timing information for pileup per particle identification (PUPPI).

Category Particle / Astroparticle / Cosmology (Experiment)

Primary authors

Anna Albrecht (Universität Hamburg) Dr. Anna Benecke (UC Louvain) Dr. Andreas Hinzmann (University of Hamburg)

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