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Sara Marando


Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconducting nanoparticles important due to their size-tunable
excitation energy and other optical properties. Self-assembled (SA) QDs are one of the most
promising building blocks for future quantum information processing, as they can host optical,
electronic, or spin qubit states with a decent lifetime1,2.
Qubit switching itself is a dynamical process which is, e.g., driven by external electromagnetic
fields. Various electronic decay processes may shorten the lifetime of qubit states in QDs. To model
such processes in QDs we seek to apply the multiconfiguration time-dependent Hartree (MCTDH)3
algorithm in an antisymmetrized version for describing electronic processes as the Auger decay4
known for SA-QDs and the interatomic Coulombic decay (ICD)5.
The intent of this initiating study is to develop a model system for SA-QDs 6. Given previous
results, Gaussians are suitable, because such finite binding potentials can capture the continuum-
like properties of the environment of a QD embedded in an extended wetting layer. Its
parametrization is benchmarked with respect by experimental sizes and energies.
We are also aiming, for future projects, in the description of silicon QDs, colloidal QDs because if
we want to include an exciton recombination in our description, we have to adjust the model to
observables in the experiment (QD size, optical gap, etc.)

1 H.J. Kimble, Nature 453, 1023 (2008)
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Kurzmann, A.Lorke, M. Geller, NanoLett. 16, 3367−3372 (2016

Category Solid State (Experiment)

Primary authors

Sara Marando Annika Bande

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