Young Scientists Meeting of the CRC TRR 257

from Wednesday, 8 June 2022 (12:30) to Friday, 10 June 2022 (16:00)
building 30.22 KIT Campus Süd (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)

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        : Breaks
8 Jun 2022
9 Jun 2022
10 Jun 2022
Young scientists talks - Marco Bonetti (RWTH TTK) (until 10:30) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
09:30 Massive quark form factors at three loops - Dr. Fabian Lange (KIT, TTP + IAP)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
10:00 NRQCD matching coefficients with two mass scales - Mr. Manuel Egner (KIT TTP)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Young scientists talks - Marco Fedele (KIT, TTP) (until 12:00) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
11:00 Searching for dark radiation at the LHC - Alessandro Morandini (RWTH Aachen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
11:30 Tasting Flavoured Majorana Dark Matter - Mr. Harun Acaroglu (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Young scientists talks -Dr. Matteo Fael (KIT, TTP) (until 10:30) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
09:00 Production and decay of the Higgs boson in association with top quarks - Daniel Stremmer (RWTH Aachen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
09:30 ttH production in the Higgs characterisation model at NLO in QCD with full off-shell effects - Jonathan Hermann (RWTH Aachen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
10:00 Phenomenology of ttbb at the LHC - Michele Lupattelli (RWTH Aachen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Young scientists talks - Daniel Moreno (Siegen University) (until 12:00) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
11:00 Precision Test of the Muon-Higgs Coupling at a High-energy Muon Collider - Tobias Striegl (Universität Siegen)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
11:30 Multi-emission kernels for parton branching algorithms - Maximilian Löschner (KIT/ ITP)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Opening remarks - Nico Gubernari Kirill Melnikov (TTP KIT) (until 13:30) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Young scientists talks - Nico Gubernari (until 14:30) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
13:30 Higgs Pair Production in a Composite 2HDM - Felix Egle (Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
14:00 $\texttt{AutoEFT}$: Automating Effective Field Theories - Magnus Schaaf (RWTH Aachen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
14:30 --- Coffee break ---
Young scientists talks - Chiara Signorile-Signorile (IAP, KIT (Karlsruhe)) (until 16:00) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
15:00 On phase-space integrals with Heaviside functions - Daniel Baranowski (KIT)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
15:30 An automated framework to calculate jet functions at NNLO - Kevin Brune (University of Siegen)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Soft skills training - Chiara Signorile-Signorile (IAP, KIT (Karlsruhe)) (until 16:45) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
16:00 Working outside academia - An actuary's experience - Andrea Orta   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Gender equality in academia (until 19:00) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
17:20 Picture a Scientist   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Soft skills training - Nico Gubernari Magnus Schaaf (RWTH Aachen University) (until 14:00) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
13:00 DFG funding opportunities for early career researchers - Michael Krämer (RWTH Aachen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
13:30 How to write a successful application - Alexander Lenz (Siegen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Invited talks - Chiara Signorile-Signorile (IAP, KIT (Karlsruhe)) (until 15:00) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
14:00 The SMEFT program at the LHC - Ilaria Brivio   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
15:00 --- Coffee break ---
Young scientists talks - Maria Laura Piscopo (until 17:30) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
15:30 Estimating QCD-factorization amplitudes through $SU(3)$ symmetry in $B\rightarrow P P$ decays - Gilberto Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi (University of Siegen)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
16:00 The heavy meson lifetimes - Aleksey Rusov (University of Siegen)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
16:30 Non-Perturbative Calculations for $B$-mesons - Matthew Black (University Siegen)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
17:00 NLO QCD corrections to inclusive $b\rightarrow c \ell \bar{\nu}$ decay spectrum up to $1/m_b^3$ - Dr. Daniel Moreno (Siegen University)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
19:00 --- Social dinner ---
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Young scientists talks - Chiara Signorile-Signorile (IAP, KIT (Karlsruhe)) (until 14:30) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
13:00 Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to Higgs plus jet production at the LHC - Marco Bonetti (RWTH TTK)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
13:30 Two-loop Leading Yukawa corrections to gg->HH - Hantian Zhang (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
14:00 Predictions for $gg\to hh$ at full NLO QCD comparing non-linear and linear EFT frameworks and truncation effects - Jannis Lang (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Invited talks - Magnus Schaaf (RWTH Aachen University) (until 15:30) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
14:30 Precise predictions for vector-boson scattering - Ansgar Denner   (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
Closing remarks - Nico Gubernari Magnus Schaaf (RWTH Aachen University) Chiara Signorile-Signorile (IAP, KIT (Karlsruhe)) (until 15:40) (Physik-Hörsaal Nr.3)
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