Workshop: Taming the IBPT Accelerator Alarm System

by Dr. Edmund Blomley (IBPT)

THz Group Team (MS Teams)

THz Group Team

MS Teams


The IBPT Accelerators FLUTE and KARA are controlled via the EPICS control system. To inform the operators about undesirable or critical conditions an alarm system exists which should track and display alarms.

But in the default configuration the alarm system does not do a very good job in informing the typical operators of errors. At KARA, a lot of effort was put into the alarm system configuration and the integration into CSS to make the alarm system more useful.

The goal is to inform the operator of issues during active operation as well as monitor crucial components continuously and present a notification which is easy to spot and follow to its source.


This workshop will consist of five parts:

  1. Presentation of the three layers which form our alarm system.
  2. Demonstration of the alarm system in action at KARA
  3. Detailed look into the alarm configuration
  4. Supplementary systems (E-Mail notifications & IT monitoring)
  5. Issues and Outlook

Target Audience

This workshop might be of interest for you if any of the following points are relevant for you (at KARA or FLUTE):

  • working with the control system
  • creating CSS panels
  • creating IOCs or scripts
  • performing measurements (in the control rooms)
  • monitoring or interest in health status and condition of the accelerator systems


The two hour window is a rough estimate. Depending on the progress during the two hours we might either shorten or lengthen the workshop or create follow-up event.


The workshop will be fully virtual using MS Teams in the "THz Group" team using the general channel to host the meeting: 

Link to THz Group General Channel

The workshop will be both presentation and hands-on demonstrations.

Questions and discussions during all segments are welcome.

  • Andrea Santamaria Garcia
  • Chenran Xu
  • Johannes Steinmann
  • Julian Gethmann
  • Marvin Noll
  • Matthias Nabinger
  • Micha Reißig
  • Michael Nasse
  • Nigel Smale
  • Patrick Schreiber
  • Sebastian Maier
  • Stephan-Robert Kötter
  • Thiemo Schmelzer
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