28 August 2017 to 1 September 2017
KIT, Campus North, FTU
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Thrill: High-Performance Algorithmic Distributed Batch Data Processing with C++

1 Sep 2017, 09:00
Aula (FTU)




Timo Bingmann (KIT)


We present on-going work on a new distributed Big Data processing framework called Thrill. It is a C++ framework consisting of a set of basic scalable algorithmic primitives like mapping, reducing, sorting, merging, joining, and additional MPI-like collectives. This set of primitives goes beyond traditional Map/Reduce and can be combined into larger more complex algorithms, such as WordCount, PageRank, k-means clustering, and suffix sorting. These complex algorithms can then be run on very large inputs using a distributed computing cluster.

Presentation Materials

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