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16-18 October 2013
Waldhotel Zollernblick
Europe/Berlin timezone
Waldhotel Zollernblick
Am Zollernblick 1 72250 Freudenstadt-Lauterbad <a href=""></a>
Dear KSEAT fellows,

your workshop is getting closer and we will provide you with some more information here.
You can find general information about the workshop >here< or in our >flyer<.

Bus transfer

We would like you to register bindingly for the bus transfer and where you will board.
The bus will depart at 9 a.m. sharp from KIT-Campus North outside of the Southern Gate (Südtor) and at 9:30 a.m. from KIT-Campus South in at the crossing of Engesser-Straße and  Wolfgang-Gaede-Straße. Please choose where you want to board the bus and register yourself bindingly in this >doodle sheet< until the 14th October. We will need this information to make sure we don’t forget YOU in Karlsruhe or Leopoldshafen.

Exchange of experiences

We are looking for “experts” or rather for people who can contribute to the session which focuses on the “exchange of experiences” (Austauschrunde). Our five selected topics are
  • PhD Exams (what is it, how to prepare, …) in different disciplines…
  • Doctorate and family (doing a PhD with kids, work life balance in general?…)
  • Supervision of students (recruitment, supervision, problems, …)
  • Financial support at KIT (stay abroad, KHYS support, …)
  • Steps after the PhD (PostDoc Fellowships, …)
If you want to contribute with your advice to one or another topic and thus help your PhD fellows, please contact Thomas Hartmann. If you‘d like to discuss other topics then let us know as well.


  • We will provide pdf-compatible laptops for presentations. However, we recommend that you use your own laptop in case you want to present something.
  • The beamer will have a standard VGA connector. If you need an adapter then please provide it yourself.
  • The tutorials should be prepared in English. However, if all participants are native German speakers you may just speak German.
  • The duration of each tutorial is 55 min. Afterwards a short feedback for the presenters will be given by the audience (~5 min). You can do in your tutorial whatever you want (presentations, demonstrations, discussions, working sheets …).
  • We will also have flipcharts with markers.
We will try to optimize the parallel sessions with your tutorials according to your interests. To do so, we would like to ask you to weight in >this form< your interests for each topic from 1 (not interested) to 5 (very interested).


  • Please bring your own writing utensils (pen, paper, …)
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