Deep Learning Basics Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Faculty Club im TUM IAS-Gebäude in Garching (TUM / LMU München)

Faculty Club im TUM IAS-Gebäude in Garching

TUM / LMU München

Lichtenbergstraße 2a 85748 Garching

Deep Learning Basics Train-the-Trainer Workshop

This is the second Deep Learning Train-the-Trainer workshop organized by DIG-UM with support from the ErUM-Data-Hub. Aim of this workshop is to educate lecturers for future teaching activities and to provide material to give lecture series on deep learning, including hands-on-exercises. This workshop is addressed to scientists from all ErUM communities with prior knowledge of neural networks with an academic level of postdoc or higher.

All attendees should be willing to give in the future deep learning lectures at schools and workshops.

A fee of 50€ will be charged for participation in the workshop.
Deadline for registration is January 20th.

Registration Form
30 / 30
  • Ahmed Ali
  • Amelia Bayo
  • Andrei Rabusov
  • Angela Warkentin
  • Carsten Burgard
  • Christian Kiesling
  • Cornelius Grunwald
  • Guenter Duckeck
  • Henrich Frielinghaus
  • Iaroslav Gorbachev
  • Joerg Marks
  • Johannes Erdmann
  • Jonas Graetz
  • Josef Baudisch
  • Judith Katzy
  • Klaus Reygers
  • Marius Wensing
  • Michael Holzbock
  • Mikhail Mikhasenko
  • Nicole Hartman
  • Nikolai Hartmann
  • Oliver Schulz
  • Paula Sanchez Saez
  • Richi Kumar
  • Sarah Heim
  • Sebastian Busch
  • Sven Krippendorf
  • Thomas Kuhr
  • Thomas Pöschl
  • Ulrich Gerland
Feedback on the Deep Learning Basics Train-the-Trainer Workshop
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