19-21 September 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone

Light Dark ALPs

19 Sep 2023, 09:30
Nachrichtentechnik-Hörsaal (NTI) (KIT)

Nachrichtentechnik-Hörsaal (NTI)


Engesserstraße 5, 76131 Karlsruhe


Susanne Westhoff (Radboud University / Nikhef)


Axion-like particles – ALPs – are predicted in many extensions of the Standard Model with a spontaneously broken symmetry. If ALPs exist in Nature, they leave interesting signatures at colliders and other experiments. In this talk, you will hear about new ideas to search for axion-like particles with GeV-scale masses. I will explain what we learn from these searches about ALP interactions with particles of the Standard Model.

Primary author

Susanne Westhoff (Radboud University / Nikhef)

Presentation Materials

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