23 October 2023
University of Mannheim
Europe/Berlin timezone

cellular_raza - Novel Flexibility in Design of Agent-Based Models in Cellular Systems

23 Oct 2023, 12:00
Aula (University of Mannheim)


University of Mannheim

Schloss Bismarckstr. 40 68161 Mannheim
Poster Biology, Medical Science, Computational Humanities, and Soft Matter Poster Session


Agent-Based Models (ABMs) allow researchers to describe complex cellular systems in a mechanistic manner but can also abstract over less-known processes.
It is often desirable to exchange only parts of the model eg. changing the spatial representation of cells from a spherical interaction potential to an elliptical.
Existing tools lack in flexibility and cannot change their internal representation of cells.
To solve these problems we created cellular_raza, a novel library that offers previously unknown flexibility in model design while retaining excellent performance.

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