9th bwHPC Symposium

Monday, 23 October 2023 - 09:00
University of Mannheim (Aula)

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23 Oct 2023
Check-in (until 09:45) (Aula)
Welcome Speeches - Alexander Pfister (Universität Mannheim) (until 10:00) (Aula)
09:45 Welcome from the rectorate of the University of Mannheim - Prof. Moritz Fleischmann   (Aula)
09:50 Welcome from MWK - Dr. Raphael Dorn   (Aula)
Keynote Speech (until 10:30) (Aula)
10:00 Machine Learning and Simulation - Challenge and Chance for HPC - Heiner Stuckenschmidt (University of Mannheim)   (Aula)
bwHPC, NHR and NFDI - Robert Barthel (KIT - Steinbuch Centre for Computing) (until 11:15) (Aula)
10:30 NHR: HPC resources for your science - Dr. Dörte Sternel (NHR-Verein)   (Aula)
10:45 Base4NFDI - Creating NFDI-wide basic services in a world of specific domains - Franziska Fritzsche (Gesis - Leibniz-Institute for Social Sciences)   (Aula)
11:00 bwHPC-S5 - Robert Barthel (KIT - Steinbuch Centre for Computing)   (Aula)
11:15 --- Break ---
Talks - (Chair) Jordan Asenov Denev (SCC) (until 12:00) (Aula)
11:30 A Fully Parallelized and Budgeted Multi-Level Monte Carlo Method and the Application to Acoustic Waves - Niklas Baumgarten   (Aula)
11:45 Simulation of pyrolysis process of waste plastics - Dr. Feichi Zhang (KIT/ITC)   (Aula)
12:00 --- Lunch Break ---
Poster Session (until 13:00) (Aula)
12:00 Orchestrating Gaia-X Workflows in Cluster-Environments   (Aula)
12:10 Analysis of one photon calcium imaging data to investigate the properties of CA1 place cells   (Aula)
12:20 cellular_raza - Novel Flexibility in Design of Agent-Based Models in Cellular Systems   (Aula)
12:30 ABI Checking for Libraries and Applications   (Aula)
12:40 How To GDPR? Handling Sensitive Data on bwForCluster BinAC 2   (Aula)
12:50 3D general relativistic collapse of rotating neutron stars into black holes   (Aula)
Talks - (Chair) Bernd Wiebelt (Universität Freiburg) (until 14:00) (Aula)
13:00 Concurrent multi-scale simulation of lubrication, enabled by machine learning - Prof. Lars Pastewka (University of Freiburg)   (Aula)
13:15 Exploring the limits of new physics at the LHC - Nikita Schmal (Heidelberg University)   (Aula)
13:30 End-user data analysis at the LHC - Nils Faltermann   (Aula)
13:45 Fair sharing of resources between clusters with AUDITOR - Dr. Benjamin Rottler (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)   (Aula)
14:00 --- Break ---
Talks - (Chair) Christian Mosch (until 15:00) (Aula)
14:15 Propane/Propylene Separation via Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Metal-Organic Frameworks. - Dr. Mikhail Suyetin   (Aula)
14:30 Computational Microstructure Exploration for Batteries: Leveraging High Performance Computing - Mr. Julius Weinmiller (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) e. V.)   (Aula)
14:45 Advanced Training-Data Generation for Machine-Learned Potentials - Moritz René Schäfer (University of Stuttgart)   (Aula)
15:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Poster Session (until 15:30) (Aula)
15:00 bwFDM – The Federal State Initiative for Research Data Management in Baden-Württemberg   (Aula)
15:10 Base4NFDI - Basic Services for NFDI   (Aula)
15:20 bwForCluster Helix   (Aula)
15:20 Further development of the state service "Scientific Data Storage"   (Aula)
Talks - (Chair) Jens Krüger (EKUT) (until 16:15) (Aula)
15:30 Introducing Galaxy: A new cloud and HPC gateway for data-driven computational research - Mr. Sanjay Kumar Srikakulam (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)   (Aula)
15:45 The agroecosystem multi-model library, Expert-N on high-performance computers (HPC) - Fasil Mequanint Rettie   (Aula)
16:00 High-resolution global weather simulations with the Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) on the Hawk HPC system - Thomas Schwitalla   (Aula)
Panel Discussion (until 17:00) (Aula)
Social Event (until 19:30) ()
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