Introductory Course 2024/04/09: HPC and Data Management @KIT

C-Pool, Building 20.21 (KIT Campus South)

C-Pool, Building 20.21

KIT Campus South

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Scientific Computing Center (SCC) Campus Sourth, Building 20.21 C-Pool Zirkel 2 76131 Karlsruhe

Das Scientific Computing Center lädt Sie herzlich am 9. April 2024 zum Einführungskurs "Hochleistungsrechnen (HPC) und Datenmanagement" ein. Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an alle (zukünftigen) Nutzer der bwHPC-Cluster (bwUniCluster 2.0, bwForCluster), BaWü-Datenföderation sowie der NHR@KIT-Infrastruktur inkl. HoreKa und umfasst allgemeine Informationen über Zugang und Nutzung der Cluster und Speichersysteme. Die Präsenzveranstaltung kombiniert Vorträge mit Tutorien und richtet sich an Einsteiger. Es fallen keine Teilnahmegebühren an.

The Scientific Computing Center is hosting on April 9, 2024, the introductory course: "High Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Management". This course is aimed at (future) users of the bwHPC clusters (bwUniCluster 2.0, bwForClusters), BaWü data federation, NHR@KIT infrastructure incl. HoreKa and covers information about access and usage of bwHPC clusters, NHR@KIT infrastructure and storage systems. The event combines talks and tutorials, and addresses beginners. The course is free of charge and will take place on-site.

    • 09:30 10:00
      bwHPC & NHR: Concept, Infrastructure and Support 30m
    • 10:00 10:45
      Access procedure: bwUniCluster 2.0, HoreKa, bwForClusters (JUSTUS 2, Helix, NEMO, BinAC) incl. exercises 45m
    • 10:45 10:55
      Break 10m
    • 10:55 11:25
      Hints for successful submitting procedure to the HPC cluster (Horeka) 30m

      We present the following:
      the different kind of projects to be submitted,
      the most frequent mistakes that happens while submitting a project,
      * hints for faster submission of projects.

      Moreover, we will offer time to hear your feedback about the submitting process and what the problems you face usually and how to fix it.

    • 11:25 11:30
      Break 5m
    • 11:30 12:30
      Linux Introduction (CLI, Editors, etc): Linux introduction + Permissions 1h
    • 12:30 13:45
      Lunch Break 1h 15m
    • 13:45 14:20
      Software Modules: UC2+HK 35m
    • 14:20 14:25
      Break 5m
    • 14:25 15:40
      Batch system introduction + Architecture incl. Exercise 1h 15m
    • 15:40 15:45
      Break 5m
    • 15:45 16:25
      File systems 40m
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