Workshop: Parallel Computing with MATLAB

C-Pool (Building 20.21 )


Building 20.21

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Scientific Computing Center (SCC) Campus Sourth, Building 20.21 C-Pool Zirkel 2 76131 Karlsruhe


Join us at the hands-on workshop "Parallel Computing with MATLAB," co-hosted by the Scientific Computing Center (SCC) of KIT and MathWorks Academia Team. Learn the essentials of leveraging parallel CPU and GPU hardware with MATLAB and discover how to use MATLAB interactively with Jupyter on the bwHPC network's HPC systems.

This workshop is designed to introduce MATLAB's parallel computing language constructs, enabling you to tackle compute- and data-intensive challenges effectively with MATLAB. Engage in practical scenarios to parallelize algorithms and learn best practices in parallel computing with MATLAB.


Workshop Content

  • Language constructs for parallel programming in MATLAB

  • Fundamentals of GPU computing using MATLAB

  • Batch processing in MATLAB: understanding and applications

  • Utilizing MATLAB within the Jupyter Hub environment



Participants should have a basic understanding of MATLAB. To enhance your MATLAB skills prior to the workshop, we recommend exploring the self-paced online courses at MATLAB Academy (

MATLAB Online will be the primary platform used during the workshop, accessible via your web browser. Workshop accounts will be provided, and all course materials will be pre-loaded onto MATLAB Drive.


Target Audience

This workshop is tailored for students and researchers from all disciplines who are engaged with computationally intensive tasks or large datasets and are interested in accelerating their MATLAB code with parallel computing on local hardware or the bwHPC network's HPC resources.


Course Format

The course will be conducted in a hybrid format, available on-site at  C-Pool, Building 20.21, Scientific Computing Center (SCC) Campus Sourth, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Zirkel 2 76131 Karlsruhe. Furthermore, it will be available online as well. An email will be sent for the registered users with the online link before the start of the sessions.



Thomas Künzel (MathWorks Academia Team)

Sebastian Groß (MathWorks Academia Team)

Shubo Chakrabarti (MathWorks Academia Team)

Hany Ibrahim (SCC, KIT)


Workshop Language

The workshop will be conducted in English.


Date, Time, and Location

Date: April 22, 2024

Time: 09:00 – 12:00 CET

Format: Hybrid (On-site & Live Online Course)

An informal “Q&A lunch session” will follow the workshop, providing an opportunity to discuss individual projects with the MathWorks team and enjoy some snacks.


Registration, Prices, and Eligibility

This course is free for academic attendees from Baden-Württemberg. Registration is mandatory however and must be completed using your official academic email address.

Further details will be sent to you approximately one week before the course begins.

  • Abdulla Kayyani
  • Alaa Armiti
  • Alexander Dyck
  • Alexander Oerder
  • Andreas Heinrich
  • Ann-Sophie Voss
  • Annika Dehm
  • Apirak Tienkaew
  • Babak Saber Marouf
  • Balazs Gulacsi
  • Benedikt Schmitz-Rode
  • burak dindar
  • Bärbel Herrnberger
  • Cagla Fadillioglu
  • Calequela Manuel
  • Carmen Martinez
  • Carolina Seabra
  • Cedric Beschle
  • Chandrika Sethumadhavan
  • Chockalingam Rmaanthan
  • Christian Iardino
  • Christopher Müller
  • Daniel Ewald
  • David Ohnmacht
  • Dejenie Gemeda
  • Devika Panneer Selvam
  • Diana-Patricia Danciu
  • Divyansh Pandey
  • Eduardo Lima
  • Elham Yousefzadeh-Nowshahr
  • Emmanuel Gaucher
  • Felipe Donoso
  • Feyzullah Yavan
  • Fida Fathima T P
  • Florian Prohaska
  • Francesco Nardo
  • Francesco Nardo
  • Francesco Nardo
  • Frank Tränkle
  • Franziska Bubeck
  • Friedemann Bunjes
  • Gustavo Costa
  • Hamed Qazvini
  • Hans-Joachim Wiemer
  • Helmuth-André Schulz-Harder
  • Hima Dominic
  • Himanshu Sharma
  • Hüseyin Cakmak
  • Jakub Jambrich
  • James Lofts
  • Jerome Azzola
  • Jochen Rieber
  • Johanna Mödl
  • Johannes Bleher
  • Jonas Wehrle
  • Josephine Grau
  • Julia Roeb
  • Julia Veit
  • Julian Peters
  • Kevin Daiß
  • Konrad Prikoszovich
  • Konstantin KUCK
  • Lachlan Caulfield
  • Leonard Geier
  • Leonard Lauber
  • Leonie Vollmar
  • Lorenz Schoch
  • Luca Pegorari
  • Lucas Greiner-Fuchs
  • Lukas Feuerstein
  • Lukas Wolff
  • M. Umar Javed
  • Magnus Dam
  • Manmit Padhy
  • Marcel Anselment
  • Marcel Weichel
  • Marco Reis
  • Maria Paszkiewicz
  • Mariya Kharaman
  • Marta Mandis
  • Maximilian Schulte
  • Mehdi Dehghan
  • Mekonnen Tesfu
  • Michael Kaschke
  • Michael Kirn
  • Mike Dohmen
  • Mohan Boddeda
  • Moritz Weber
  • Mrinal Kislay
  • Muhammad Hamid
  • Nick Gerber
  • Olivier Paquet-Durand
  • Osama Alnayef
  • Othman Taalibi
  • Panajot Kristofori
  • Patrick Laux
  • Pavel Ruchka
  • Philipp Baumgärtel
  • Pia-Lucia Jonitz
  • Qi Gao
  • Raj Kumar Thenua
  • Rishabh Puri
  • Sadia Sadiq
  • Sanjay Vinod Kumar
  • Selina Burkert
  • Sheriff Murtala
  • Simon Daubner
  • Simon Winkler
  • Sina Foroutan Barenji
  • Stefan Funken
  • Stefan Zirn
  • Stephan Allgeier
  • Thien-Binh Hoang
  • Tim Kühlthau
  • Valentin Pellhammer
  • Valentin Wilhelm
  • Viet Hoang-Michael Vu
  • Wenxuan Hu
  • Wescley Tiago Batista de Sousa
  • Xueyun Long
  • Yangyang Qiao
  • Youssef Belhamadia
  • Zhida Liang
  • Zihao Zhang
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