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4 July 2024
Building 20.21
Europe/Berlin timezone

NHR@KIT is hosting an introductory topical course for (future) users of the NHR@KIT infrastructure, including the tier 2 HPC cluster HoreKa.

Modern software engineering best practices require the automation of several aspects of the maintenance of software (including building, linting, and testing in all relevant environments), which is typically implemented with so-called Continuous Integration/Testing/Benchmarking techniques and tools (Cx for short).

This course includes:

- discussion of the motivation for Cx practices
- introduction to the features of GitLab CI/CD
- introduction to and discussion of the CI infrastructure with a special focus on the services available at NHR@KIT (based on GitLab).

The course aims at participants with previous at least basic knowledge and understanding of the version control system Git.

The course will take place on-site (in-person session).

No course fees apply. The number of participants is restricted.

NOTE: The course is now full (20 participants). Register anyway if you want to be notified in case new places become available (because of someone else cancelling, for example).

Building 20.21
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie Steinbuch Centre for Computing Campus Süd
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