ROOT 6 Workshop

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Modern Programming


Dr. Axel Naumann (CERN)


ROOT is the software framework used in High Energy Physics and other Big Data environments to store, statistically analyze and visualize large amounts of data in a reliable, efficient way. The new major release ROOT 6, published right before the school, brings several major improvements. ROOT 6 is expected to be the standard ROOT version for instance for ATLAS, CMS and LHCb for Run 2. Its new interpreter cling replaces CINT; it adds support for C++11, drastically improves error messages even compared to GCC and fixes the use of templates. It enables for instance a much simplified TTree access called TTreeReader only available in ROOT 6. Further major improvements are in the graphics and math area. This GridKa School workshop will be the first ever ROOT 6 tutorial, focusing on the improvements since ROOT 5 but also giving a general introduction to data analysis with ROOT.

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