Getting started with Android and App Engine

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Modern Programming


Tim Roes (inovex GmbH)


This workshop is for Java developers, that want to get started with Android development. It covers the basics in Android programming and usage of the new Android build system. You will create your first application during the workshop and will create a simple cloud backend for synchronization of your data. We will learn about basic Android concepts like Activities, Services or the Android resource system. Since this workshop targets total Android beginners, we won't cover topics as native (C/C++) coding in Android or responsive user-interface designs. Requirements for participation Basic programming knowledge in Java is required to attend the workshop. You should know the following concepts and be able to implement them: Coding basics (if, switch, loops, ...) Object oriented programming and patterns: classes and objects static inner classes anonymous classes generic classes You do NOT need any knowledge in Android programming. What should you prepare for the workshop? You should have your laptop with installed software for applications development. Also if possible bring your Android phone. We will send all attendees an email around 2 - 4 weeks before the workshop with additional information on what software you should install beforehand.

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