MongoDB Workshop

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Big Data and Storage Systems


Dr. Marek Szuba (KIT) Parinaz Ameri (KIT)


This session is an introduction to a particular NoSQL database, MongoDB. MongoDB is an open-source database with document-oriented storage approach. Since it doesn’t enforce any schema on data and because of its good performance, Mongo is nowadays widely used especially where unstructured data storage is needed. In addition, Mongo scales well and even provides partitioning over cluster of nodes. So, it is ideal for Big Data use cases. This session will provide theoretical basic knowledge about Mongo and support it with hands-on activities to get to know Mongo in practice. The agenda will cover the followings: Getting familiar with Mongo terminologies Executing CRUD operations Indexing Getting to know replication and Sharding mechanisms Basic Linux knowledge and some background knowledge about relational databases might be helpful in this session.

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