dCache Workshop

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Big Data and Storage Systems


Cesare Delle Fratte (RZG) (Rechenzentrum Garching (RZG)) Christian Bernardt (DESY) Christoph Anton Mitterer (University of Munich) Luca Mazzaferro (RZG) (Rechenzentrum Garching (RZG)) Oleg Tsigenov (Aachen)


dCache is one of the most used storage solutions in the WLCG consisting of over 94 PB of storage distributed world wide on >77 sites. Depending on the Persistency Model, dCache provides methods for exchanging data with backend (tertiary) Storage Systems as well as space management, pool attraction, dataset replication, hot spot determination and recovery from disk or node failures. Beside HEP specific protocols, data in dCache can be accessed via NFSv4.1 (pNFS) as well as through WebDav. dCache has steadily improved its functionality up to the point that we are becoming the DESY storage cloud provider. This means that dCache users can now access data using the OwnCloud client software with its synchronisation functionality. In addition to that users can access their data by using the same user over NFSv41, WebDAV and gridFTP, which allows for a wide range of use cases from traditional HEP storage to even HPC application. The workshop includes theoretical sessions and practical hands-on sessions such as installation, configuration of its components, simple usage and monitoring. The basic knowledge of Unix systems is required. Please familiarise yourself with a Linux terminal and the peculiarities of a linux text editor (vi, emacs etc.).

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