Kick-off meeting of the Collaborative Research Center TRR 257 "Particle Physics Phenomenology after the Higgs discovery"

from Monday, 18 March 2019 (09:00) to Tuesday, 19 March 2019 (18:00)
Geb. 30.10 (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))

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18 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019
10:45 --- Welcome ---
Precision-1 (until 13:00) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
11:00 Project A1b: Higgs Effective Theory and higher-order QCD effects - R. Harlander   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
11:30 Project A1a: mass effects in Higgs production - M. Czakon   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
12:00 Project A1c: Higgs production in WBF at N3LO - K. Melnikov   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
12:30 Project B1b: Top quark physics - M. Worek   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
General assembly meeting (until 09:00) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
EFT-1 (until 11:00) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
09:00 Project A2a: the effective EW Lagrangian in the light of the LHC - T. Plehn   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
09:30 Project A2b: vector-boson scattering and multi-boson production - W. Kilian   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
10:00 Project B2a: automated calculations in SCET - G. Bell   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
10:30 Project B2b: Operator analysis of new physics in top related observables - S. Westhoff   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
11:00 --- Coffee break ---
EFT-2 (until 12:30) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
11:30 Project C2a: Hadronic matrix elements and exclusive semileptonic decays - T. Feldmann   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
12:00 Project C2b: Exclusive non-leptonic and rare b-quark decays - T. Huber   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
Lunch break (until 14:00) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
Precision-2 (until 15:30) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
14:00 Project B1a: Production of color-singlets at N3LO QCD - K. Melnikov   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
14:30 Project B1c: central jet veto in vector-boson scattering - D. Zeppenfeld   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
15:00 Project B1d: Theoretical advances in parton showers - S. Plätzer   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
Precision-3 (until 17:00) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
16:00 Project C1a: inclusive semileptonic, rare and radiative B decaus - Th. Mannel   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
16:30 Project C1b: B-Bbar mixing, CP-violation and life-times - M. Steinhauser   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
Meeting of the principal investigators (until 19:00) ()
Dinner (until 20:30) ()
BSM-1 (until 13:00) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
12:30 Project A3a: Extended Higgs sectors at the LHC - M. Mühlleitner   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
13:00 --- Lunch break ---
BSM-2 (until 16:30) (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
14:00 Project A3b: Precision predictions for Higgs boson properties as a probe for New Physics - M. Mühlleitner   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
14:30 Project B3a: Dark Sectors at the LHC - M. Krämer   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
15:00 Project C3b: New Physics models for flavour observables - I. Nisandzic   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
15:30 Project C3a: New sources of flavour and CP violation at high transverse momentum - M. Krämer   (Hörsaal NTI (Nachrichtentechnik))
16:30 --- Adjourn ---
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