KATRIN Colloquium First Results on the Neutrino Mass

Monday, 16 September 2019 - 08:30
KIT (FTU Aula)

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16 Sep 2019
Guided Tours (until 10:00) (FTU Aula)
Come together wtih coffee and soft drinks (until 10:00) (FTU Aula)
Colloquium - C. Weinheimer (WWU Münster) G. Drexlin (KIT) S. Mertens (TU München) Kathrin Valerius (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) T. Lasserre (CEA Saclay) (until 11:45) (FTU Aula)
10:00 Welcome - Marc Weber (KIT)   (FTU Aula)
10:10 KATRIN motivation - neutrino masses in cosmology and particle physics - Christian Weinheimer (WWU Münster)   (FTU Aula)
10:25 KATRIN experiment - technologies at the cutting edge - Guido Drexlin (KIT)   (FTU Aula)
10:45 KATRIN experiment - electron spectroscopy at the precision frontier - Kathrin Valerius (KIT)   (FTU Aula)
11:05 The 2019 KATRIN neutrino mass campaign - Susanne Mertens (TU München, MPI Physik München)   (FTU Aula)
11:25 The first neutrino mass result - Thierry Lasserre (CEA, Saclay)   (FTU Aula)
Lunch and Discussion (Fingerfood served) (until 13:00) (FTU Aula)
Press Conference (until 12:30) (room nr. 116)
Guided Tours (until 14:30) (FTU Aula)
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