5-7 October 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Towards a consistent multi-sensor QPE: NWC SAF's satellite QPE and AEMET's multi-sensor QPE and FFP

6 Oct 2020, 11:40



Xavier Calbet (AEMET)


In countries, usually very large or small, there is usually the need to use QPE both from radar and satellite. The combination of these two sensors is not straight forward as there are usually inconsistencies between them. Within the Nowcasting Satellite Application Facility (NWC SAF) from EUMETSAT, AEMET has started to make some efforts in understanding the source of these inconsistencies. This work is still ongoing.
As an alternative solution, AEMET is trying to combine in a unique QPE product measurements from radar, satellite and rain gauges. This QPE will be used operationally in future FFPs in some Spanish regions.
The NWC SAF is also preparing its next generation precipitation estimation using meteorological knowledge, past experience and machine learning techniques. This product will improve on the previous existing one.
Another line of work along these lines is the combined representation of different products on the same geographical projection. The NWC SAF is currently exploiting ADAGUC.
All these subjects will be presented in this talk.

Primary author

Xavier Calbet (AEMET)


Oria Peio (AEMET) Lahuerta Jose Alberto (AEMET) Ripodas Maria Pilar (AEMET) Lliso Josep Llorenç (AEMET) Revuelta Arantxa (AEMET)

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