HPC Champions workshop

Anna Brown (University of Oxford), SORSE 2020

The next HPC Champions workshop will be held virtually over 2 afternoons on the 17th/18th September, and will involve talks, discussion sessions and working group sessions. Topics covered will include updates from the national and regional supercomputing sites, training, and plans for knowledge and skills repositories. The workshop will run between 1pm and 5pm BST, 12pm and 4pm UTC on each day. 

Please register here to attend the workshop, and we encourage you to also submit a lightning talk, discussion session or working group suggestion.

HPC Champions is a network of individuals with the goal of supporting HPC users in the UK to learn about HPC, find the most appropriate system for their purposes, and to get the most out of that system. The roughly bi-annual HPC Champions workshops play a key part in this, increasing the coordination between the different tiers of HPC in the UK and acting as a launching point for collaboration on projects related to training, outreach, reference materials and more. 

The network includes a wide number of HPC communities including RSEs and system administrators from the local, regional and national supercomputing centres, as well representatives of HPC consortia, and we encourage anyone with an interest in supporting researchers and RSEs to make the best possible use of the HPC resources to attend. HPC Champions has been co-located with both the RSE Conference and HPC-SIG in the past, and this time is partnered with the International Series of Online Research Software Events (SORSE).

If you have any questions, please contact anna.brown@oerc.ox.ac.uk

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