21-23 September 2015
KIT Campus North
Europe/Berlin timezone

The Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics HAP organizes this workshop which is dedicated to discussions on the data and physics of cosmic ray composition between the knee and the ankle in the view of theoretical models for the transition from galactic to extragalactic origin of cosmic rays.

Topics of the workshop are: 

  • Experimental results on spectrum, elemental composition, and anisotropies
  • Models of astrophysical sources and source populations and CR propagation  (including the changes in the transition region)
  • Hadronic interaction models and shower physics

The idea is to discuss and compare and interpret in detail the available and in near future expected cosmic ray data in this energy range and its systematic uncertainties. Among others, colleagues of KASCADE-Grande, IceTop, Tunka, Auger-Enhancements, TALE will hopefully be present at the workshop as well as colleagues from cosmic ray theory and model builders.


Program Committee: Denis Allard, Doug Bergmann, Pasquale Blasi, Ralph Engel, Francis Halzen, Andreas Haungs, Johannes Knapp, Daniel Kuempel, Sergej Ostapchenko, Sven Schoo

Local Organisation: Sabine Bucher, Andreas Haungs, Sven Schoo


KIT Campus North
Bld 401 Room 410
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