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Introduction to the LIKWID tool suite (online)

Online ()


The link to the Zoom session will be communicated to registered participants a few days before the event

LIKWIDLIKWID stands for "Like I Knew What I'm Doing." It is a tool suite for performance-aware programming on modern clusters. LIKWID is in wide use at many computing centers worldwide and can be employed on the full spectrum of platforms, from laptop to supercomputer.

LIKWID comprises a spectrum of command-line tools and follows the UNIX philosophy of "one tool, one purpose." In this course, we will cover the following tools in depth:

  • likwid-topology, a node-level topology exploration tool
  • likwid-pin, for enforcing thread-core affinity in thread-parallel programs
  • likwid-mpirun, for starting MPI and MPI/OpenMP-hybrid programs and enforcing thread-core affinity
  • likwid-perfctr, for counting hardware events and measuring derived metrics
  • likwid-bench, a microbenchmarking framework

A strong focus will be on diagnostic performance engineering using hardware performance counters on real application codes. Hands-on exercises will enable attendees to consolidate the acquired knowledge.


  • Basic understanding of C, C++, or Fortran, and parallel programming with MPI and OpenMP
  • Fluency on the Linux command line
  • Editing files through ssh connection via vim, emacs, nano, ...


Participation is free of charge for attendees from German universities, academic computing centers, and research institutions. Please only register for the course if you are really going to attend. No-shows will be blacklisted and excluded from future NHR@FAU events.


Thomas Gruber and Georg Hager (NHR@FAU)


This course is organized by Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU)

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