2nd Data Analysis Methods (DAMe) Workshop

Building 28, Flash-Seminar room (DESY Hamburg)

Building 28, Flash-Seminar room

DESY Hamburg

Notkestraße 85, 22607 Hamburg
Björn Hagemeier (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH), Markus Götz (KIT/SCC), Philipp Heuser (DESY)

The workshop is intended as a hands-on education for the PhD students and post-doctoral researchers of the Helmholtz Analytics Framework (HAF).

In the get-together you will be able to meet your colleagues and exchange thoughts and ideas about research. Furthermore, the two-day workshop sessions will introduce you to useful technologies and concepts for managing and working in your data and software-intensive projects. Small hands-on experiments are going to accompany the presentations and will give you practical experience.

We are proud to announce the following confirmed speakers:

A. Giesler (FZJ): Data provenance
R. Caspart (KIT): Maintainable software
S. Apweiler (FZJ): Data repositories

How to reach DESY: http://www.desy.de/about_desy/getting_there/hamburg/index_eng.html
DESY campus plan: http://www.desy.de/content/desymaps/gelaendeplan-eng-hh.pdf

NOTE: additional information regarding accommodation can be found in the e-mail after registering.

We are looking forward to have you!

  • Alessandra Stella
  • André Giesler
  • Anis Abbasi
  • Arthur Voronin
  • Betty Calpas
  • Claudia Comito
  • Daniel Coquelin
  • Daniel Mallmann
  • Jennifer Schroeter
  • Marie Weiel-Potyagaylo
  • Markus Götz
  • Marleen Braun
  • Michael Denker
  • Oskar Taubert
  • Philipp Heuser
  • Philipp Knechtges
  • René Caspart
  • Robert Hoppe
  • Robin Gutzen
  • Sander Apweiler
  • Sven Wanner