18 November 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone



Poster Nr. Name Center Title on-site digital
1 R. Eickhoff KIT Feedstock development for the additive manufacturing of titanium parts via Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) yes yes
2 M. Zürn KIT Glass-3D-Printing via FFF/FFD; Investigation of the Complete Process Chain for a Commercial Glass Powder yes yes
3 T.P. Mach KIT Fabrication of Inkjet Printed Tunable BST/P(VDF-TrFE) Dielectrics for Flexible Varactors yes yes
4 J. Paul Hereon Embrittlement of TiAl after High Temperature Exposure yes no
5 X. Li Hereon Machine Learning Based Prediction of Small Organic Molecule Corrosion Inhibition Efficiencies for AZ91 yes yes
6 S. Berger Hereon EU Project OpenModel yes no
7 S. Bruns Hereon SynchroLoad Push-Out Experiments yes yes
8 B. Hindenlang Hereon Investigating the Influence of Applied Loads on Degrading Mg-10Gd yes yes
9 W. Limberg Hereon Binder-based Mg- and Ti-biomaterials - comparison between FGF and MIM yes yes
10 L. Guggolz KIT Quantum Chemical Investigations on the New Binary Anions [GeSb3]5−, (Ge2Sb2)2−, (Ge4Sb12)4−, and (Ge4Sb14)4− yes no
11 A. Schmidt KIT Synthesis of bismuth-based cluster anions from well-defined polybismuthide-anions yes no
12 K. Beuthert KIT Missing Links: From Ternary Phases to New Zintl Anions yes no
13 R. Al-Salman KIT Automation of Data-Processing for Micropillar-Compression Tests as Use Case Workflow of Kadi4Mat yes no
14 M. Schwotzer et al. KIT Case study of the implementation of an ELN in a research institute or "every change hurts yes yes
15 A. Welle, N. Jung KIT Chemotion Repository yes yes
16 A. Welle, N. Jung KIT Chemotion ELN yes yes
17 A. Elkaseer KIT Recent Advances in High-resolution 3D Inkjet Printing: Experimental and Simulation Studies and Process Optimisation yes no
18 M. König-Edel KIT Coating of magnesium implant materials by degradable polymers from the gas phase yes yes
19 M. König-Edel et al. KIT Advanced Polymer Materials yes yes
20 M. Kabbe KIT Google Maps for Small Things yes yes
21 X. Wang Hereon Teltow Shape-Memory Hydrogel Actuators with a Multi-Stimuli Response via Modulated Swelling Degree yes yes
22 Q. Zhang Hereon Teltow Mechanistic Insights into the Deformation and Degradation of a 2D MOF yes no
23 P. S. Eselem Bungu Hereon Teltow Comprehensive Analysis of Iron (II) Acetate /Amide catalyzed PLLA using Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography yes no
24 M. Schröder Hereon Teltow Modelling Artificial Heart Valve Flow in a Mock Circuit by using MultiLinear Regression yes no
25 M. Farhan Hereon Teltow Electrical Actuation of Coated and Composite Fibers Based on Poly[ethylene-co-(vinyl acetate)] yes no
26 Y. Nie Hereon Teltow Image-Based Analysis of Cell-Biomaterial Interactions: From Image to Quantitative Representation yes yes
27 S. Kirchhecker Hereon Teltow Iron Acetate Plus Small Amides: A Cheap and Simple Catalyst System for the Synthesis of PLLA and PLLA-PCL Blockcopolymers yes no
28 Y. Liu Hereon Teltow Reconfigurable and Actuating Microbowls with Variable Steps yes yes
29 S. Moench KIT DNA Nanocomposites as Functional Materials in Cells and in Cell-free Systems yes no
30 S. Peer KIT Promotion of Young Talents at KIT-MSE yes no
31 V. Haramus et al. Hereon Application of Ti and Mg hybrid material as partly degradable implant no yes
32 Z. Heidari Pebdani Hereon DFT investigations on predicting the stability of charge transfer, electronic structure, thermoelectric- phonon, and mechanical properties of O-Phase Ti2AlX (X= Nb, V, Ta, W, Mo) alloys no yes
33 T. A. S. Albaraghtheh Hereon Quantifying Degradation Models' Uncertainties no no
34 D. Mann, C. Sachse FZJ Single-Particle Cryo-EM Structures from iDPC-STEM at Near-Atomic Resolution no yes
35 M. Mikulics, H. Hardtdegen FZJ Tuning III-nitride nano-LEDs via laser-micro-annealing no yes

S. Walheim

KIT Scaling on a New Level – Continuous Production Process for Large Area Nanogratings no yes
37 L. Huang KIT A Novel Automated Method for Structural Characterization in Material Science with an Ultramicrotome no yes
38 K. Potopolska Hereon Predictive Modeling of Surface Degradation and Materials Damage of Metal Alloys no yes
39 A.K. Meier KIT Tuneable biopolymers from renewable resources no yes
40 N. Garabedian KIT Collaborative Metadata Definition using Controlled Vocabularies, and Ontologies no yes
41 R. Gröger KIT Tip-induced Nanopatterning of Ultrathin Polymer Brushes no yes


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