2023-07-25 First set of infos



  • The training school starts on Tuesday 10th of October 2023 at 09:00 local time.

  • The training school hands-on session ends on Thursday 12th of October 2023 at around 18:00.

  • We are still iterating the details of the field trip on Friday 13th of October, but it will most likely be a full day, starting in the early morning.


  • We have already blocked some rooms close to the university and are preparing a list of recommended hotels to guide you with the booking. More info will follow soon.

  • The prices of the blocked rooms will approximately be 90 Euro for a single room and 110 EUR for a double room. For the other hotels, the prices will be in the range of max. 110 Euro for a single room.


  • According to the rules of COST, you will get full reimbursement of your long-distance travel, given that it is in a reasonable range, which is max. 1000 Euros.

  • In addition, you will get a reimbursement of the daily allowance, which is, according to the rules of COST, set to 195 Euro for Israel. The daily allowance is a fixed amount and meant to cover your costs for accommodation, local transportation and food.

  • You get full daily allowance for each day of the workshop and, depending on travel time, partially for the arrival and departure day. Since the excursion is planned to be an official part of the training school and since we expect almost a full day of traveling for arrival and departure, we estimate that you will get a reimbursement of 5.4 times the daily allowance.

  • You can extend your stay in Israel at your own costs. Your long-distance travel reimbursement will not be affected as long as your private extension of the stay does not lead to increased travel costs. We recommend that you document the price difference of the relevant flights via screenshots in case this info is required for the reimbursement.


  • We recommend that you already check your visa requirements for traveling to Israel.

Next steps:

  • On 7th of August 2023 we will send the official invitations for the training school via the e-cost system. Please have your account at ready till then. 

  • Once you received and confirmed the official e-cost invitation, you can go ahead and book your flights. Do not book before that, because reimbursement is only guaranteed once you are officially a confirmed participant in the e-cost system.

  • On 7th of August we will also provide detailed information on the rooms that we blocked and give you guidance regarding the booking.



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