16-18 October 2023
Campus Unteres Schloss | University of Siegen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Phenomenological Aspects of Flavoured Majorana Dark Matter

17 Oct 2023, 17:30
Seminarzentrum (Campus Unteres Schloss | University of Siegen)


Campus Unteres Schloss | University of Siegen

Obergraben 25 57072 Siegen


Lena Rathmann


As the non-observation of simple WIMP candidates puts these models under severe pressure, we introduce an extended dark sector with a non-trivial flavor structure. The model extends the Standard Model by a Majorana flavor triplet and a scalar mediator which couples Dark Matter to right-handed up-type quarks. This allows for a single new source of flavor and CP violation. The rich phenomenology of this model can be studied by combining constraints of various probes. Furthermore, we explore the possibility of a conversion-driven freeze-out. This can enhance the relic abundance and therefore open up new regions in the parameter space.

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