Attendee Help

Here we collect all infos which will help you to prepare&attend successfully the GridKa school.

Preparation for the sessions:
  • Be sure that you have a working laptop with WLAN adapter, which you will need for all courses.
  • For most of the session it is preferable to have Linux distribution on your laptop. The best choice would be to have dual a Windows/Linux system on your laptop.
  • Many sessions of the school will need additional preparation in advance (like installation of predefined software, libraries) to make it possible to concentrate on the topic of the session and maximaze the learing effect instead of waiting for installation process to be finished.
  • 1-2 weeks before the start of the school the details of the software you will need to install will appear on school wiki pages.Wiki pages for the sessions can be found at wiki. If you don't find any information on the wiki, that means that no special preparation is required.

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