11-14 April 2023
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Europe/Berlin timezone

About the Workshop

This workshop is the follow-up of three previous, successful international workshops on moment methods in kinetic theory. These took place at:

  • 2008 at Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik (FIM), ETH Zurich, organized by Manuel Torrilhon 
  • 2014 at Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, University of Toronto, organized by Clinton Groth, James McDonald and Shi Jin 
  • 2017 at School for Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, organized by Ruo Li and Kun Xu 

All events were very unique in bringing together world-leading researchers, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers in the development, application, and solution of moment closure approximations arising from kinetic theories. In general, kinetic theory has gained a significant increase in research interests over the last decades which can be observed in numerous publications and scientific activities, for instance the workshops at the Fields Institute and at Peking University exhibited many significant and exciting advances and a number of new experts that have joined the field of moment approximations in kinetic theory. The application of moment closures has also expanded from the traditional treatments of non-equilibrium gases and photon/radiation transport to include several new fields, such as the modeling of multi-phase flow. 

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