28-30 September 2016
HZI Braunschweig
Europe/Berlin timezone
Be part of the first Germany-wide meeting of Helmholtz PhD Students!

Expert Panel

Expert Panel  -  Publish or Perish

Every research field has its own publication culture: while some researchers publish in high-quality journals others focus on publishing papers at renowned conferences. In some fields, doctoral students may publish during their dissertation phase, others have to complete it first to be able to publish results.

Despite of these differences, all fields have one thing in common: there is a growing pressure to publish papers in renowned journals and conference proceedings to gain scientific reputation. But what are the consequences of this growing pressure for PhD Students as well as the scientific community as a whole? What is the driving force behind this phenomena?

In this expert panel different experts will discuss the publish or perish mentality, with a special focus on the dissertation phase. Can we rate a dissertation by the number of related publications? Does the dissertation phase prolong due to long review processes? Should publications be mandatory to receive a PhD in order to get feedback about their research as soon as possible?

The expert panel will take place on 30th September as part of the NextGen@Helmholtz 2016 closing session at 11am.
We welcome experts from different fields and in different positions. After the panel discussion you have the chance to ask questions to the experts.

The Experts

On the topic

Two of our experts - Prof. Lerchl and Prof. Eick - discuss the pros and cons of the increasing pressure to publish in high ranked journals in the current edition of the Helmholtz Perspektiven on pages 22-23 (only in German).
Here you can have a look directly at the pages 22-23.


Furthermore, you find a comic on that topic on the Helmholtz webpage www.helmholtz.de/publishorperish (as well only in German)

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