Active Training Course "Advanced Deep Learning"

Landhaus Nordhelle Meinerzhagen

Landhaus Nordhelle Meinerzhagen

Zum Koppenkopf 3, 58540 Meinerzhagen
Martin Erdmann (RWTH Aachen University)

The Active Training Course "Advanced Deep Learning" is hosted over 4 days at Landhaus Nordhelle by the community organization DIG-UM with support from the BMBF-funded ErUM-Data-Hub. The event serves the professional education of young scientists belonging to the ErUM Community.

The intensive course on Graph Neural Networks, Transformers, Normalizing Flows and Autoencoders will be held from Monday 28.11.22 to Thursday 1.12.22. The course includes small projects to be worked out and presented by participant subgroups. The workshop is aimed at deep-learning enthusiasts from all ErUM communities (Research on Universe and Matter) who have prior knowledge of neural networks and applied basic concepts of deep learning. However, participation in the first Deep Learning Course is not a prerequisite.

A fee of 300€ will be charged for participation in the workshop. Deadline for registration is November 1st.

Please take note of the Corona measures here.

Please note that the location of the school has been changed. It will be held at Landhaus Nordhelle in Meinerzhagen

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