14 November 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone



Topic 1

Poster Nr. Name Center   Title
1 H. Alkhamis Hereon Understanding Degradation and Mechanical Performance of Hyper-elastic Polylactide Copolymers through Bulk and Ultrathin Film Analysis Correlation
2 K. Fink  KIT Embedded cluster calculations on magnetism and spectroscopy of rare-earth high-entropy oxides
3 V. Izraylit, M. Farhan Hereon Memorthotic
4 S. Kirchhecker Hereon Improving the performance of organic
semiconductor nanoparticles for hydrogen
evolution via chemical modification
5 A. J. Mandlule Hereon

Correlative characterization of stereocomplex formation in aliphatic polyester P(PCL-b-PLLA) block-copolymers

6 L. Rettenberger KIT Uncertainty-aware particle segmentation for electron microscopy at varied length scales
7 J. Schaarschmidt KIT Initiative MaterialDigital
8 N. Tarazona Hereon Rational design and engineering of proteins for functionalization and biocatalysis of commodity polymers
9 X. Wang Hereon Fully printed flexible electrolyte-gated field-effect transistor

Topic 2

Poster Nr. Name Center   Title
10 A. Chalikunnath Venu KIT

Polyoxometalate-based paramagnetic MRI contrast agents

11 F. Ebrahimi Hereon In-situ study of photoelectron injection into electrolyte under stepwise coarsening of nanoporous gold (npAu)
12 I. Fernandez-Corbaton KIT Multi-scale modeling of nonlinear optical signals from molecular materials in photonic devices
13 M. Ibrahim KIT Polyoxometalate-Based Functional Nanoscale Systems
14 V. A. Njayappallil KIT Structural Characterization and Cryogenic Fluorescence Properties of Unique Hexanuclear Lanthanide Containing Polyoxometalates
15 M. Pourmahdavi Hereon Investigation of optoelectronic properties of photoelectrode surfaces with high spatial resolution by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting and solar fuel production application
16 A. Raveendranathan KIT A Metalloligand Approach to Heterometallic Coordination Polymers
17 S. Seo Hereon Photoelectrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction Using a Perovskite Photoelectrode with an Organic Modifier
18 G. V. Krishnamurthy Hereon Ir-HfO2 selective emitters for thermophotovoltaic application
19 M. Wang Hereon On the maintenance of processing stability and consistency in laser-directed energy deposition via machine learning
20 W. Wang  Hereon  Pushing the Boundaries of Deep Learning in Cell Imaging: From Pixels to Understanding and Beyond 

 Topic 3

Poster Nr. Name  Center   Title
21 M. Liu KIT Digital twin of methacrylate-based multi-modal chromatography resin
22 Y. Luo KIT Human–machine Interface to Interact with MOF Synthesis Data in Chemotion via a Large Language Model
23 D. Nötzel KIT Zirconia for dental implants

Topic 4

Poster Nr.  Name Center   Title
24 E. Alvares Hereon Interfacial Properties of the FeTi Hydride Formation from First Principles
25 M. Braatz Hereon Processing of thin Magnesium Wires
26 O. Dreyer Hereon Simulating Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly of Diblock Copolymer Solutions: Identifying Key Parameters
27 R. Eickhoff KIT Additive manufacturing of Ti-6AI-4V implants via Fused Filament Fabrication
28 B. Hindenlang Hereon Mechanical loads and their influence on the strain and degradation behavior in degrading Mg10Gd
29 J. Isakovic Hereon Fabrication, structure and properties of carbon fiber reinforced magnesium metal foams
30 V. Ivannikov Hereon Large-scale phase-field sintering simulations of solid state sintering of metallic powders
31 F. Kandelhard Hereon Digitalization of Scaled-Up Block Copolymer Syntheses via RAFT Polymerization
32 E. Pashayev Hereon Experimental & Modelling Digital Twin Approach for Polymer Synthesis via Re-initiated Oxygen inhibited RAFT Polymerization
33 C. Pistidda Hereon Recycling as the key for developing sustainable hydrogen storage materials
34 I. Scheider Hereon BACI/4C: Next-Generation Multiphysics Simulation for Real-World Problems
35 K. Sellschopp Hereon Multi-Scale Modelling of the TiFe-H system for Hydrogen Storage
36 D. Snihirova Hereon  Selection of Electrolyte Additives for Enhanced Mg-air Battery Performance Supported by Data-driven Approach
37 M. Wolff Hereon Binder based AM of Mg-Alloys for Biomedical Application - an Overview
38 T. M. Wong Hereon  KI4D4E: Artificial Intelligence for Synchrotron-radiation 4D Tomography Data

Topic 5

Poster Nr.  Name Center   Title
39 T. Albaraghtheh Hereon  Efficient Surrogate Models for Degradation Models of Biodegradable Magnesium-Based Implants
40 M. H. Kabbe KIT Improving correlative characterization: Structure Development for Micro and Nano sized Material based on Measurement Results
41 A. Lopes Marinho Hereon SmartPhase – Real-time phase retrieval tool for X-ray near-field holography (NFH)
42 M. Mostaghimi KIT Automated Workflow and Multiscale Modeling of MOFs
43 H. Tong Hereon Sensor- and machine learning-based insights into indoor atmospheric corrosion
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