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Scientific Programme

The scientific program is split up into the five different categories, which are listed below. Please note that these categories are called "tracks" in the abstract submission form.

The main focus of the symposium is the hydrometeorological (HyMet) usage of data from commercial microwave link (CML) networks. But contributions on the general challenges of hydrometeorology or the details of current and future CML networks are also welcome.

The idea is to allow each institution and research team at least one oral presentation on Day1. These presentations should given a more general overview and not focus too much on the scientific details of specific methods or datasets. On Day2 and Day3 there will be enough time for additional oral presentations on specific topics.

The current timetable might be adjusted, depending on the submitted abstracts.

Info on poster and presentation format

  • Poster boards are in portrait format and can hold an A0 poster
  • The presenter computer provides Powerpoint 2016 and a PDF viewer
  • Own laptops can be attached via HDMI (we also have some adapters but it cannot be guaranteed that they work)
  • HyMet CML overview presentations and posters (Day1)

    Presentations or posters with an overview of research with CML data for hydrometeorological applications.

    Ideally each research institution or research team will get one presentation slot (12+3 minutes) on Day1.

    Poster can be complementary but need a separat abstract. Poster attendance is on Day1 in the afternoon, but poster will stay up during the whole week.

  • Short introductory presentations of research groups (Day1)

    For the groups that do not give a "HyMet CML overview presentation" on Day1, there is the opportunity for a short (approx. 5 minutes) introductory presentation on Day1. This way every research group can introduce its team members and its research.

  • Stakeholder contributions (Day1)

    Stakeholders (e.g. network operators, water management, meteorological and hydrological services) are invited to give a oral presentations (12+3 minutes) on Day1 or to present a poster. Poster attendance is also on Day1.

    Topics might include, but are not limited to:

    • Challenges of operational rainfall observations
    • Current and future challenge in water managment and flood warning
    • Potential operational use of CML data for hydrometeorological applications
    • The future of cell phone networks and the CML backhaul
  • Specific HyMet CML research topics (presentations on Day2, posters on Day1)

    Presentations will be given on Day2, followed by longer discussion slots for the individual topics.

    Poster attendance time is on Day1, but posters will stay up the whole week.

    Topics might include, but are not limited to:

    • CML data acquisition and sharing
    • CML time series processing
    • Spatial reconstruction and data fusion
    • Demos, applications and operationalization
  • Community topics (Day3)

    Suggestions for presentations or specific topics for discussion on Day3.

    Topics might include, but are not limited to:

    • Standardization of analysis metrics
    • Comparison of processing methods
    • Data sets and benchmarking
    • Data sharing
    • Future collaboration
    • Joint proposals¶
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