5-7 October 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Conference Streaming and Participation

The conference is run via DFN, the German Research Network. Technically, our meeting consists of

  •     an entrance hall (see below for access link and PIN),
  •     a list of chat rooms with about 20 participants each and
  •     a speakers room, which will be streamed at

Stream:       https://www.conf.dfn.de/stream/nr5h7k8anykqu

To listen to the talks open the streaming link above. To participate in the discussions, ask questions orally or talk to other participants enter the entrance hall and the hosting team will transfer you to one of the chat rooms, or enter your video chat room directly if you have received such a link. Speakers should test their ability to share their screen and enter the speakers room before the conference! There is a separate email with login data to a test room for this purpose.

The link to the entrance hall will be sent to all registered participants via E-mail.

There will be a host team Roland, Sybille, Thorsten, Klaus, Nora, ..., taking care of the people entering the entrance hall and transferring them to the chat rooms or speakers room they need to be in. Anyone can access the stream directly listening to the talks, click on the link above (you might need to reload in case streams are restarted). The session chairs are leading their session in the main speakers room, streamed to all participants.

Questions can be asked several ways:
a) general questions of any kind by using the chat window available with the stream
b) by using sli.do online exchange and voting system. This is sent around during the conference by email. It is our main tool to collect questions by participants. These are also input to the discussion sessions at the end of each session and the discussion rounds Wednesday afternoon.
c) by asking the host team to transfer you to the speakers room, where questions are streamed into the main conference stream.
If you want to ask a question, put it into sli.do. If your question is ranked high, your host might transfer you to the speakers room (if there is still space available). Since there is a delay of 10-30 seconds between the stream and real time, this should be done in time. After your question you will be sent back to your chat room.

There is an upper limit of 23 people for each chat room. Experience with online conferences shows that streaming is a good thing as soon as more than 50 people are involved, and we are expecting more than 200 registered participants.

The main 6 sessions are carried out Mo-Wed, October 5-7. Listen to the stream and meet other participants in the chat rooms - come to the entrance hall or your video chat room. The 6th session is a discussion session with a discussion panel taking up the questions which were collected during the conference and in preparations taking place currently. Our goal is to reflect and address the state-of-the-art questions of current research on Precipitation and Flash Flood Prediction from Minutes to Days. We are expecting exciting contributions by keynote speakers, young and experienced scientists ...

Thank you for being part of this meeting which excites us a lot already!

Your RealPEP Research Group


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