21-23 September 2015
KIT Campus North
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Programme

The scheme of the workshop is

to start with keynote talks on the three main topics:

  • 1. experimental results
  • 2. source and propagation models
  • 3. hadronic interactions and shower physics

to have contributions from experiments or related to questions like:

   topic 1:

  • Auger
  • TA
  • KASCADE-Grande
  • IceTop
  • Tunka
  • Anchor point on composition from direct measurements (CREAM?)
  • future experiments (EUSO,  HAWC, LHAASO)
  • how does radio help in composition measurements (LOPES, LOFAR, AERA)
  • How can results from old experiments still be useful (AKENO, Haverah Park)
  • ...

   topic 2:

  • SNR as sources of CRs
  • source constraints from neutrino measurements
  • Acceleration models (beyond 10^16 eV)
  • composition models: what to expect from known cosmic accelerators
  • composition models: constraints
  • Cosmic ray accelerators seen with Gamma ray astronomy
  • composition changes during propagation
  • where is the gal - extra-gal transition?
  • dip vs ankle model
  • ...

   topic 3:

  • Relevant new LHC results
  • particle production / cross sections / forward physics ...
  • Pb-Pb results : implications on had. models?
  • performance and future evolution of QGSJET
  • performance and future evolution of EPOS
  • performance and future evolution of SIBYLL
  • Limitations of CORSIKA from other than HE hadronic models
  • ...

And finally extended discussions on open problems and the future of the field!


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