GridKa School "Big Data, Virtualization and Modern Programming"

The International GridKa School is one of the leading summer schools for advanced computing techniques in Europe. The school provides a forum for scientists and technology leaders, experts and novices to facilitate knowledge sharing and information exchange.The target audience are different groups like graduate and PhD students, advanced users as well as IT administrators. GridKa School is hosted by Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It is organized by KIT and the HGF Alliance "Physics at the Terascale".

With virtualization reaching into more and more aspects of computing and computing infrastructure, everything is becoming more flexible. Storage, networks and data centers become more and more decoupled from the underlying hardware and get realized in software. Thus, we are excited to have interesting contributions on these state-of-the-art and upcoming technologies at this year's school.
For fully utilizing computing ressources and getting new insights, this year's GridKa school is glad to offer you contributions on programming as well as processing and analyzing data.

This year's range of topics covers subjects as

  • Network Technologies
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Large Scale Data Management 
  • Storage Technologies
  • Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Cloud Installation and Administration
  • Automation and Configuration Management
  • Data and Computing Center Management
  • Effective Programming
  • Multi-Core Computing 
  • GPU Computing
  • Mobile Applications

Half of the school consists of the expert talks, which cover the fundamental and theoretical aspects of the topics. While the other half consists of hands-on sessions and workshops, which give the participants the excellent chance to gain the practical experience on techniques and tools.

If you are interested in following the development of latest cloud and big data technologies, if you would like to gain the real practical experience on the cutting edge technologies and toos during the hands on sessions and bring this know-how to your group, institute or company, if you would like to meet many experts and interesting people you could informally talk to, extend your professional network, then GridKa School is your choice.







UNICORE Summit 2015

The 2015 UNICORE Summit is co-located with the GridKa School.

The UNICORE Summit is the annual meeting of the UNICORE community (www.unicore.eu). It provides a unique opportunity for UNICORE users, developers, administrators, researchers, service providers, and managers to meet.

The UNICORE summit is taking place on Monday, September 07, on the same premises next to the GridKa School. Please check also here for the location.

If you plan to attend the summit, please register separately






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