How to reach GridKa School event location


For a summary see also our infosheet↳


This year the GridKa School takes place in the heart of Karlsruhe on KIT Campus South in building 30.22 next to the department of physics high-rise building. The site can be reached easily by public transport[↳Google Maps] [↳OpenStreetMap]

How to reach GridKa School event location

From the school hotel "Leonardo Hotel Karlsruhe" the site can be reached by foot [↳] or by public transport.

For public transportation [↳KVV] take a tram from the main station 'Karlsruhe HBF' or from station 'Karlsruhe, Werderstraße' to 'Kronenplatz Kaiserstraße' and walk about 500m to the school site [↳]

Caution! Currently the Karlsruhe City Center is under construction. Some changes in timetable and routes of the trams are not expected, but possible. If you have any problems to reach the school, please contact us at +49-172-3442319.

How to reach Karlsruhe by plane

Frankfurt airport (FRA) offers the easiest train connection to Karlsruhe. From Frankfurt(Main)Flugh it takes approximately 60 minutes to Karlsruhe main railway station.
  How to reach the Karlsruhe by plane 
How to reach Karlsruhe by train from Frankfurt Fernbahnhof
Look at the timetables of the German train transportation "Die Bahn ".
Important: Fill in "Frankfurt(Main)Flugh" in the "Start" at the Query page, and "Karlsruhe Hbf" in the "Destination" field.
Look for the details of your selection. Normally the train must be changed in Mannheim.

























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