The Future of Particle Physics: A Quest for Guiding Principles

Nachrichtentechnik - Hörsaal (NTI) (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

Nachrichtentechnik - Hörsaal (NTI)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Engesserstraße 5, 76131 Karlsruhe
Oliver Fischer (Institut für Kernphysik, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)

The motivation to build particle colliders like LEP, Tevatron, and LHC was given by the search for the Higgs boson, and the hope to find Supersymmetry. In the meantime the Higgs boson was found as predicted by the SM. Lessons learned from these experiments make it clear that it is timely to consider the future of particle physics.

Unfortunately, without conclusive BSM findings from the LHC, no clear guiding principle for a future collider project exists at present. Nevertheless, three options are being discussed by the particle physics community: The Future Circular Collider study at CERN (including also the High-Energy LHC and electron-hadron collisions with the LHC [the LHeC]), the International Linear Collider in Japan, and the Circular electron positron Collider and Super proton proton Collider in China.

The scale of these projects presents a number of problems that demand a thorough, global discussion: the large amounts of resources that are necessary implies a strong competition of the projects with each other, and also with other large scale projects. There is no guarantee that major new fundamental insights into nature can be obtained, however, deciding against a new large scale experiment might bring the end of particle physics as we know it. 

In this workshop, the major question of ‘how to proceed in the post-LHC era in terms of experimental efforts’ is to be discussed by a broad spectrum of experienced scientists, covering the subjects of future colliders as well as beam dump, neutrino oscillation, and astrophysical experiments.



Organizing Committee Local Support
Oliver Fischer Irmgard Langbein
Matthias Mozer Beatrix von Puttkamer
Margarete Mühlleitner  
Anke-Susanne Müller  
Thomas Müller  
Ulrich Nierste  
Andreas Pargner  
Jose Zurita  


  • Alain Blondel
  • Albert De Roeck
  • Alfons Weber
  • Andrea Thamm
  • Andreas Crivellin
  • Andreas Papaefstathiou
  • Andreas Pargner
  • Augusto Ceccucci
  • Belen Gavela
  • Chris Quigg
  • Christian Schwanenberger
  • Conny Beskidt
  • Cristiano Alpigiani
  • Dominik Stoeckinger
  • Elisa Todarello
  • Felix Yu
  • Frank Zimmermann
  • Gia Dvali
  • Jakob Schwichtenberg
  • Jochum van der Bij
  • Jose Miguel No
  • José Francisco Zurita
  • José W F Valle
  • Julien Baglio
  • Lena Salfenmoser
  • Manqi RUAN
  • Marc Beutter
  • Marcel Krause
  • Marcel Stanitzki
  • Marcin Chrzaszcz
  • Marco Drewes
  • Margarete Mühlleitner
  • Marta Moscati
  • Martin Gabelmann
  • Masashi Yokoyama
  • Matthias Steinhauser
  • Maximilian Delto
  • Maximilian Reininghaus
  • Milla Lifke
  • Oliver Fischer
  • Radek Podskubka
  • Raffaele DAgnolo
  • Rohini Godbole
  • Rui Santos
  • Shruti Patel
  • Stefan Antusch
  • Stefan Liebler
  • Stefan Maier
  • Stefan Söldner-Rembold
  • Steffen Hahn
  • Sven Heinemeyer
  • Thomas Muller
  • Thomas Schwetz-Mangold
  • Tommi Alanne
  • Ulrich Nierste
  • Vedran Brdar
  • Werner Porod
  • Wim de Boer
  • Wolfgang Hollik
  • Yannick Mueller
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