Conceptual Advances in Deep Learning for Research on Universe and Matter

Hotel zur Post

Hotel zur Post

Hauptstraße 8-10, 51674 Wiehl
Martin Erdmann (RWTH Aachen University)

The workshop on conceptual advances in deep learning is hosted by the community organization DIG-UM together with the working group AKPIK of the DPG with support from the BMBF-funded ErUM-Data-Hub. The event serves the professional exchange of young scientists belonging to the ErUM Community.

From 12.09.22 to 16.09.22, we are organizing this workshop to discuss and explore deep learning related concepts and their future impact in research on universe and matter (ErUM). The workshop will take place at the Hotel zur Post in Wiehl.

A fee of 350€ will be charged for participation in the workshop. The workshop fee includes the cost of the workshop, accommodation in single rooms and basic catering.

Deadline for registration is August 29th.

Please take note of the current Corona measures linked here.



  • Amir Tosson
  • Andrea Santamaria Garcia
  • Andreas Fehlner
  • Angela Warkentin
  • Christian Schmidt
  • Dennis Noll
  • Florian Mausolf
  • Gregor Kasieczka
  • Jakob Roth
  • Johannes Erdmann
  • Kathrin Nippel
  • Marius Neumann
  • Markus Osterhoff
  • Martin Erdmann
  • Maximilian Straub
  • Michael Krämer
  • Niklas Langner
  • Peter Fackeldey
  • Samuel Spencer
  • Stefan Fröse
  • Sven Günther
  • Thorben Finke
  • Tilman Plehn
  • Waleed Esmail
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