ISAPP School "Neutrinos and Dark Matter – in the lab and in the Universe"

KIT / Bad Liebenzell

KIT / Bad Liebenzell

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Burg Bad Liebenzell)

PRE-REGISTRATION ENDED MAY 20, late registrations may be still accepted

ISAPP School „Neutrinos and Dark Matter – in the lab and in the Universe“. 16.-27. September 2024

The school addresses early career researchers, typically during their PhD phase, but students in the final stage of the master curriculum in astro(particle) physics as well as postdoctoral researchers are welcome.
School attendance is limited to 50 participants.

Lecture programme includes:

  • Introduction to neutrino physics (Joachim Kopp, JGU Mainz)
  • Neutrinos and cosmology (Miguel Escudero, CERN)
  • Neutrinos in MM astronomy (Anna Franckowiak, RU Bochum)
  • Sterile neutrinos (Thierry Lasserre, CEA & TU Munich)
  • Neutrino oscillations (Michael Wurm, JGU Mainz)
  • Neutrino mass experiments (Christoph Wiesinger, TU Munich)
  • DM evidences and candidates (Marco Cirelli, CNRS & U Sorbonne)
  • Direct DM searches (WIMPs) (Belina von Krosigk, U Heidelberg)
  • Direct DM searches (axions & ALPs) (Bela Majorovits, MPP Munich)
  • DM search with astrophysical observations (Elisa Pueschel, RU Bochum)
  • Accelerator-based DM searches (Jan Heisig, RWTH Aachen)
  • Deep Learning in astroparticle physics (Jonas Glombitza, U Erlangen)
  • Gravitational waves (Kai Schmitz, U Münster)
  • DM search with paleo detectors (Alexey Elykov, KIT)
  • GEANT4 Simulations for Rare Event Searches (Holger Kluck, HEPHY Vienna)

Evening lectures:

  • The GAIA mission and its results (Stefan Jordan, ZA Heidelberg)
  • How to run an underground lab (Carlos Pena Garay, LSC Canfranc)

There will be hands-on sessions and an excursion to the KATRIN neutrino experiment situated at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Location of the school: in Bad Liebenzell.